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Friday, 19 November 2010

Steak and Cheese, Please!

I broke away from the meeting that went twenty-six minutes past lunch time. With one arm in a sleeve of my jacket, I reached for the elevator’s down button with my other hand. The late meeting eliminated the option of the lunch truck, which shows up sharply at noon on any given work day.
It was Friday and I was ready for a break after the week I had just had. I had pulled off a confirmation from my boss for a go ahead on a new project that I had been working toward for the last year. After a year of orientation in a new industry, I could move into the work I wanted to do.
I stepped up into the bus and out of the November cold. The warmth instantly penetrated to my cold limbs giving relief. Two stops along Wilson and I entered the cold blast again. I all but skipped into the familiar sandwich shop.
The young guy with the cute hair greeted me with a “good to see you again” look. The smell of meats and sweet spices as I moved closer to the selection buffet made me hungrier.
“Oh, you are happy today!” he remarked.  I looked at him with a tilt to my head and genuine surprise.
“Really! Yeah, I guess I am,“ I agreed.
“Did you win the lottery? No one has, actually," he continued to remark before I could. Still 22 million to be won in the draw on Saturday.”
He prattled on a bit more about how unfair and full of fraud lottery companies are and how when winners win they should be put on a list of who cannot win again giving others more of a chance. I mentally shook my head.
“Steak and cheese, please on whole grain. Tomatoes, green olives,  and sweet pickles. Oh, and a little lettuce. That’s good.”
His antsy responses indicated that he needed his break - find a new adventure. Give and take was life's balancing act; I hoped for the best new possibility to come his way.
I walked out, tying the top of my sandwich bag.
Apparently, I’m happy. Yep. I kind of am. Another day; life is good.