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Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Mystery of a New Year (2011)

It's New Years - that is in a couple days. I'm looking forward to this year's mysteries along with its predictabilities.

What I Want for New Years

Christmas and New Years - two holidays, so close together, same season, delivering on completely different revelings. For some of us, just as Christmas takes us back, New Year pushes us forward. Christmas reminds of ancient history, New Years - our recent comings and goings. Here’s one - Christmas is for families, New Years is for friends!

The very thought of New Years’ resolutions makes my best friend shiver. Not me. I linger over each potential plan, customizing as I ruminate. Some ideas do get tossed, but those that give hope of a fresh new start or inspire creativity excite me!

Thus, I want my new start - again. Let the bygones be bygones. With a moment to reflect, I’ll take that step forward and reach out for the future and its mystery.